This trick works for Windows only and your laptop or desktop should have a separate number pad.

Step 1: Right click on any place, click on new -> Folder
Step2: At the time of typing the name click on "Backspace" make the name clear.

Step 3: Press "Alt" in one hand and type "255" in your number pad, release the "Alt" and press Enter.
Step 4: Now you have the unnamed folder already. Now you have to make it hidden. So, Change your view to Medium or any icons(Not the "details" at least).
Step 5: Right click on the folder, go to Customize tab, and click on change Icon button.

Step 6: You will find three blank icons in the list. Choose one of them and Apply it.

Yes!!!! Now you have a Completely Invisible Folder Even without Name.

P.S.: 1. You also can make it Hidden folder.
        2. You may have a problem, You can see a black Icon. Then try for another two blank Icon. and refresh it.

        3. The second problem is that the folder is coming at the first, so anyone can say there is something. Right? Now arrange the icon by just right click in a blank space and click on Sort by " Date Modified" or "Name" .

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