Whenever you try to download a movie , you go to google and type the movie name along with the word download. Thousand of results come in front of you and it is really hard to choose one and there are many false sites, you go deeper and deeper but there is no link to download the movie. And in some other websites, there are lots of advertisements. Forget about all these things. Instead of normal search, just type:
Indexof: moviename or Indexof: moviename 720p (if the first one gives posters and songs mostly)

And open any result which has a title starting with the word “index”, like this.

Boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only that single movie, lists of hundreds of movies are there in front of you without any advertisement and just one click download. Let’s see how it looks.

So, Movie download is very easy now. Not only Hollywood movies , it works same for Bollywood movies as well as regional cinemas like Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi also. No need to depend on seed, no need to waste time. Just click and play.

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