Sometimes it is very much important to control your PC remotely from a certain distance; especially when you give a PPT presentation or giving a lecture. But then you need an extra remote to control your PPT slide which costs around 25$. But today I will show you how to do it easily for free, not only ppt, you can control mouse and keyboard both from your android.

Step 1: Download Intel Remote Keyboard Host App and install it on your Laptop.

Step 2: Download Intel Remote Keyboard app from Playstore in your android smartphone and install it.

Step 3: Connect Both Laptop and Android in same Wifi Network.
Step 4: Now Search Intel Remote Keyboard on your laptop and open it.
Step 5: Open the app on your android phone and you will see the name of the devices available.Now click on the device you want to connect.

Step 6: A QR Code will be generated on the screen of your laptop. And the mobile app will run scanner at the same time. Now place the camera in front of laptop and it will autometically get connected.

Step7: It is better to use mobile in Landscape mode and now you can control both the mouse and keyboard from phone. 

Step 8:A small tutorial will aprear on your phone. Just go through it. 

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