Hello Everyone,

In this post, I am going to show you how you can hide your drives in My Computer or This Pc. So that no one can access it easily even if you are not in front of your computer. :-D

1. Search "gpedit"/ "gpedit.msc" in your computer and click on it. Sometimes you may not get gpedit then use .msc extension.

2. You have to give the administrator permission to access it.

3. The gpedit will look like this and you will find User configuration option. Click on it. Then click on the small arrow beside 'Administrative Templates' to expand the options.

4. Now click on the small arrow beside 'Windows component' option and you will find a lot of options.From that option directly click on 'File Explorer' or ' Windows Explorer' depending on your windows version. You will see the following screens.

5. Double Click on the option 'Hide this specific Drives in My Computer'.The following dialogue box will appear. Then click the enable option and choose the drives you want to hide. I want to hide all drives. Then click on Apply and Ok.

6. Now visit my computer. see, there is no drive. 
If you can see your drives refresh your page or close it and once again click apply and ok in the dialogue box, then reopen my computer.

But you can see the menu bar from where anyone can access your  drives. Right???

7. Now go back to gpedit. and double click on another option called ' Remove File menu from File Explorer'. 

8. Click on 'Enable' and ok.

9. Now you can go to my computer and see that there is no drives in the menu bar. 

10. But anyone can access it from the address bar by just typing 'D:\' :-) Don't worry I have Solution.

11.  Go to gpedit. You will get another option 'Prevent access to drives from My Computer'

12. Enable it and click ok. Now go to My computer and enter 'D:\' in the address bar. See what is coming.

Finally, you have become smart enough to hide your drives... :-D ...

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