How to Stay Protected From Malicious Software:

Staying protected from cyber attack is the main challenge of our virtual life. Obviously, you don't want your email account to be accessed by any other person. If you want you can share ur id and password in the comment box ...  :-D So, It's better to stay aware about it.

If you think you have "ORIGINAL" Antivirus and so you are safe, SORRY TO SAY YOU ARE IN DINOSAUR AGE. I will explain why.

You know the main problem of us? Our mentality. You don't want to pay bloody 30$ for just a small software. right? You go to torrent or unknown websites to download pirated version and that is why your system gets infected. But there are some tricks to overcome it.

1. Using Sandbox: 

Sandboxie is an awsome tool to protect you from malicious Softwares.

Just download from its official website and BTW it has free version :-)

How the software works? 

  • If you think that this software may be a malware run it inside sandbox.
  •  Sandbox creates a space inside your hard disk with the help of free memory blocks and guards it.So when you install or run the software it will not affect those memory block in which your valuable data is stored in. 
  • When you uninstall or delete it it will be deleted from that free space protected by sandbox. And your data will remain safe.
  • See the picture for better understanding.

2.Using No Virus Thanks Exe Radar Pro:

It is one of the most beautiful software designed to monitor every process that is executed in your system. You can control which applications are allowed to run, block unknown applications and keep your PC safe from malware and trojans.
It has many awesome features like :

It Keeps your PC safe from malware and trojans.
effectively detect any process executed in the system.
Control what applications are installed in your system
Blacklist untrusted applications by secure MD5 file hash
Whitelist safe command-line strings supporting wildcard  etc etc etc etc.....
You can download it from . Don't worry it has trial version also.

3. Check from : is a very good website. 
If you are using one antivirus and your antivirus is not detecting it, that does not mean it is safe. is a platform where you can scan your file or software by all the antiviruses present in the world and you can see which antivirus is detecting it or not. So if you think this software is malicious just scan it.

4. ADBlock: 

There are some good application that you can install on your web browser.You can install ADBlock and Disconnect -these two applications on your chrome browser.Not only it will protect you from unwanted malicious advertisement it will also help you to perform your web browser faster.

5. Using Good and updated antivirus:

Although antivirus cannot protect us from customized malware that is bound with an exe file because antivirus has some signature of virus in their database and it just matches those signatures with the file under scanning. If the signature is matched with the signature inside the file antivirus says that it is virus otherwise not.

A customized virus maker changes the signature slightly or encrypt it so that it become undetectable by antivirus.

But a good and updated antivirus can give you the basic support and help you to stay protected from the known attacks.

6.USB Disk Security:

Malware may spread through the Pendrive also.See,this malware and trojan mainly attack you when you click on it. It gets installed and then it steals data or affect the system. So from this time if your friend gives you a good software or movie via Pendrive, stay alert :-). It is better use USB Disk Security to stay Protected. 

Finally, I want to say it is better to use licensed software rather than pirated not for the updates or better performance because most of the pirated app are developed by hackers and they put malware inside those and they get control or information from your computer or just destroy and hamper your system performance. 

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