As you know email is one of the most important methods of communication; especially in corporate world. But have you ever sent an encrypted email?

Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking 'dude we have something called password.what is the need of encryption?'right?????

Well,encryption is needed. Sometimes you share banking details, password or some secret information in the email. yes or no?? Suppose you are sending details to your friend. But have you ever think if your friend's computer IS HACKED or email password is shared with his GF or BF or maybe he stays logged in his office computer. So that is why encryption is needed... 

So, How to encrypt Email.Maximum people use Gmail so I am talking about Gmail.So you are using Chrome or Mozilla? Don't worry I will tell you for both.

FOR Google Chrome:

1. There is an awesome application named as "Secured mail for Gmail (by streak) that you will find in the Webstore. Just add it to chrome.

2. After that log in your Gmail account. And then you will find an awesome thing.A lock button just beside the compose button.Just like below.

3. Click on the Lock. You will find the following red window. Have you got it?

4. Now compose your message and click on 'Send Encrypted' button.Then you will get this following window which will ask you for the password.

5. Give a password and send it. The message your friend will get looks like this.

6. Now you can call or text your friend what password you have given to encrypt the mail.The same key is needed to decrypt it. Once your friend gets the password he has to go to decrypt message option and type the right password.

7. Finally, your friend will get the bank details which you wanted to send and it is protected from his GF or BF or office colleagues. :-D 

Now Let's talk about mozilla.

2.Using Mozilla Firefox

1.If you are using Mozilla go to options at the right top of the browser and click on 'Add-Ons'.

2. In add-ons search for an extension named as 'Encrypted Communication'.

3. Click on Install and restart your Browser.And go to your Gmail and type your Mail. After that right click on your mail and you will get an option 'Encrypt Communication'.Click on it.

4. Now youwill get the following window where you have to put password and verify it.

5. Now send your mail to your friend.He or she will get the following thing.

6. If he or she has encrypted communication installed then tell to right click on mail and click on decrypt communication.Otherwise, tell him or her to install it.

7. At last, after putting right password your friend will get the original email.

So, you have learnt all the things. Send your friend an encrypted mail now.

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