This is shown only for passing the information. Although I have not shared the exact process and knowing about the attack is for your protection but applying these may put you behind the bars. Do not apply.

There are lots of articles available on the Internet that I have seen but I have found none of those explained up to the supreme level.In this article, I am going to give an idea about cracking windows password. But I am not explaining you each and every step of all the levels as it is a public post.Believe me, it is easy. When you will practice it.You will learn.

What password you are talking about?

 Well, I am talking about the login password of Windows.It is easy to crack the file password using some tool.But here the problem is if you can not login you can not use any installed software. Right?
And you cannot reset it.Just like your mail or facebook

So What we can do?

There is an awesome toolkit name as kon boot.It is a very powerful tool. So download this tool from your friend's computer.and burn it in a CDROM. Don't worry.It is easily available on the internet. 
The best part is that the latest version of kon boot is able to crack the password of windows 8 and 8.1.
so the moment you power on your machine put the cd in and change the boot priority and set it from CD. now you will enter into the CD and It will give you the proper options.Just press enter.and it will take some time. You can remove the password. Then just restart your machine.

->It is highly recommended to test in on virtual machine for the first time.Instal VMWARE workstation and install windows ISO.

->By the way, Windows password is Saved in a File called SAM (Security Account Manager) Encrypted with AES( Advance Encryption System).So you cannot open the file, copy or delete the file or replace it. the path of the file is C:\windows/system32/config/sam 

So How I can stay protected from it?

I have a good solution from that.Search for Syskey.exe in your computer.It should be in your PC.Just search it and add a password on it. You know what awesome thing you have done right now????
You just have added an excellent protection to your original login password. Believe me, now you have two passwords to login into windows. YES.I am saying the right thing. You just protected your password from another password. so, when you want to login first you have to put it the syskey password then only you can see the login screen.

OHHH!!!!! Finally I am Safe.... Thanks Arnab, Thanks a lot...

No my dear, you are not safe.Yes, it is true that a normal person or a simple computer user cannot break it.But a little bit advanced computer guy can break it.


Because  there is a master toolkit called as HIREN BOOT CD that can even break the syskey password also.Download the tool from the internet and burn it on CD.just put it in at the time of power on. Same as also you will get an option like active password changer , remove syskey password and so on.By the way, you can also change the normal login password  also.

Then nothing to do right?

No, I have a solution for that also.Think one thing.If you want to crack password you have to put CD and boot from CD. right? So if one attacker wants to crack your password he has to change to BOOT Priority from hard disk to CD ROM.Yes or no? so my friend if you put a BIOS Password, will the attacker able to change the boot priority?? Obviously no..Will he able to crack your password? 

Ok. I am ending the today.

Ohhhh, Just want thing. If you are finally feeling awesome and going to update your status feeling awesome.One thing I want to tell you that there are some physical hardware related tasks to remove this password also.


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